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The Inner Mongolian Baotou reaches the gunnysack packing production factory permanently

Grain reserves; Industry;

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Inner Mongolia reaches the gunnysack buying and selling Limited company to be situated permanently is honored as “earth silent Sichuan” the earth model right flag, the abbreviation: Sarah is uneven; Built had the staff more than 50 person of area more than 80 Chinese acres in 1983, located at the Inner Mongolian earth silent Sichuan plain on east to Huhhot, west to Baotou, south to Tuoketuo county adjoining to, this company year sells gunnysack more than 150 ten thousand, long-term and the gunnysack production already had more than 20 years experience. As northwest biggest gunnysack producer and supplier. Year to year manages each kind of specification new used gunny bags, the sugar gunnysack, the national grain reservoir stock uses the gunnysack, the work on the railway special-purpose gunnysack; Flood prevention flood prevention special-purpose gunnysack; Next is uses for the short haul grain the sign used gunny bags, installs the jar with the glass factory to use. Mak... [Details]